Glazing Systems

Self Supporting Roof System

A professionally engineered Lean Too system comprising of four main components Wall Plate - Edge Bar - Intermediate Bar - Eaves Beam avaliable in white and brown.

The bars and system glaze polycarbonate or glass units ranging from 16mm thick right up to 35mm thickness. (please specify the use of glass at point of ordering so we can supply glass locks etc).

Wall Plate                                                      Intermediate (Glazing) Bar


Edge Bar (End Bar)                                        Eaves Beam 



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Timber & Steel Supported Systems

Snapdown Glazing Bar System

For simple mono pitch roofs such as car ports - porches - gazeebos the Snapdown glazing bar range is a cost effective solution. Avaliable in white and brown the three posision cap system caters for 10mm - 16mm and 25mm polycarbonate. A seperate bar is available for 25-35mm polycarb applications.

Snaptyte Rafter Bar                                Cross Section of Bar

Snaptyte Glazing Bar                 Snaptyte Bar Cross Section   

Aluminium "F" Section Profile

Aluminium "F" Section Edge Profile


Exitex Capex Aluminium Glazing System

For more complecated roof designs the Exitex Capex range is the choice of the profesional used in most high end timber conservatory instalations.

This is a comprehensive system that can over come most design challanges please see the downloads below for more detailed information.


 Exitex Roof Component PDF

 Exitex 40mm & 60mm Capex PDF

Exitex Hip & valley Detail PDF

Exitex Capex Accessories PDF

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