Bespoke Roof Vents

With pre-welded Upvc bases and aluminium lid sections these vents are of the very highest quality.  Available with many different opener options both manual and electric the Molan vent is we believe the best vent available on the market today. 

Manufactured ourselves in house, to your bespoke requirements (min size 500mm x 500mm) available in White (solid), Golden Oak (light oak) and Mahogany/Rosewood (foiled)  colours.

Preglazed with multiwall polycarbonate 25mm - 32mm - 35mm or unglazed for 24mm glass units.

In addition to the vents we are able to offer the following accessories:

Prefitted Electric Motor Actuator

Take the strain out of openg the vent with a prefitted electric motor, can be operated by a wall mounted rocker switch or by a climate control system.

Climate Cointrol Operating System




This system in conjunction with electric motors will automatically open the vent (up to four vents can be controled by ths system) at a preset temperature and then close it when either the temperature falls or rain is sensed by the external rain sensor.

Wall Mounted Rocker Switch

Used to operate the electric motors.

Crank Handle Poles

Brass & Hardwood

Chrome & Hardwood

For manual operation of standard roof vents.

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Bespoke Roof Vent Order Form PDF Download Here

Bespoke Roof Vent Deduction Calculator PDF Download Here

Bespoke Roof Vent Fitting Instructions PDF Download Here

Bespoke Roof Vent Glass Lid Glazing Insrtuctions PDF Download Here

Climate Control Fitting/Wiring Instructions PDF Download Here


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